Treatment for PCOS

treatment for pcos_picPolycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) occurs in a tenth of all women of childbearing age. It is an endocrine disorder that affects a woman’s menstrual cycle and can lead to infertility. Treatment for PCOS addresses the formation of abnormal ovarian cysts which look a bit like a string of pearls.

PCOS Treatment Protocols

Other names for PCOS include sclerocystic ovarian disease, chronic anovulatory syndrome and sometimes Stein-Leventhal Syndrome. Whatever handle you choose for the condition, treatment for PCOS may involve one of several protocols.

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…treatment for PCOS & ovarian cysts

PCOS can affect the menstrual cycle and cause ovarian cyst pain and infertility…making treatment for PCOS an absolute necessity.

Here’s Dr. Lisa Gibbons with a good overview of PCOS. Towards the end, she talks about the long-term repercussions of PCOS and why treatment should not be ignored.

The most common effect of PCOS is a sporadic or even nonexistent period which disrupts ovulation. Women who do get their period experience unusually heavy or light flow.

A woman with PCOS may gain weight and develop skin problems such as acne and brownish patches called Acanthosis Nigricans. Other side effects include unusually heavy facial or body hair growth…or alternatively, male pattern baldness. The patient may also develop high cholesterol levels and resistance to insulin and thus high blood sugar levels. Anxiety, fatigue, depression, reduced sex drive, thyroid problems and sleep apnea are still other symptoms making treatment for PCOS necessary.

Treatment for
PCOS Related Menstrual Abnormalities

PCOS mainly keeps the ovarian follicles from ripening, thereby inhibiting the production of progesterone. An inadequate supply of this female hormone disrupts the menstrual cycle.

Birth control pills are a common treatment for PCOS. They reduce the production of male hormones and, hopefully, create more of a male/female hormone balance…thereby normalizing the menstrual cycle.

This PCOS treatment must be applied consistently. Once you discontinue the pills, your period will most likely become irregular again and your ovarian problems are back.

Some women choose instead to take progesterone pills, which can regulate the period. However, this method will not eliminate the effects of excessive male hormones.

Treatment for PCOS Related Infertility

When addressing the problem of infertility, the main concern is to prevent the disruption of the ovulation process to increase chances of pregnancy. Fertility drugs such as clomifene are another common treatment for PCOS. Fertility drugs of this type encourage ovulation. Unfortunately, however, only 30 to 50 percent of women who opt for this approach actually become pregnant.

In case clomifene alone does not result in pregnancy, those who are intent on overcoming infertility may want to consider metformin together with clomifene.

You can also look in vitro fertilization (IVF) or direct injections of gonadotropins. However, gonalotropin treatment is quite expensive, and you may get more than you bargain for…as in multiple births. IVF, on the other hand, is more controllable, but it is also quite costly.

The right treatment for PCOS depends on many things. Because it affects fertility, the issue of pregnancy is a major factor. The PCOS treatment best suited for you can only be determined after a thorough consultation with your doctor.

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…treatment for PCOS & ovarian cysts