Prevent Ovarian Cysts

prevent ovarian cysts_picIf you’re looking for a way to prevent ovarian cysts, you may find yourself a bit surprised. Allow me to explain…

Traditional medicine knows how ovarian cysts are formed, but researchers have yet to isolate the body condition that provokes the formation of these cysts. So, according to traditional medicine, the cause of ovarian cysts is unknown. And because the cause is not known, traditional doctors have no way to prevent ovarian cysts.

Prevent Ovarian Cysts with a Natural Approach

On the other hand, alternative medicine practitioners say that disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance. So in the example of ovarian cysts, get the balance right and your ovarian cysts will be cured. An abundance of former sufferers can attest to natural methods to cure and prevent ovarian cysts from future occurrence.

…and in terms of ovarian cyst prevention, keep the balance right and ovarian cysts will not become an issue.

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Keep in mind that often, ovarian cysts will appear and disappear without you even knowing about it. They come and go unannounced because they produce no recognizable symptoms.

And here is some background information on that.

Your ovaries are supposed to grow cyst-like structures every month. These “follicles” produce estrogen and progesterone, and they make certain your ovaries release an egg when its time to ovulate. Under normal circumstances, once the follicle does its job, it dissolves harmlessly.

Sometimes the follicle keeps on growing. The most common type of ovarian cysts is formed in just this manner. An overgrown follicle becomes a “functional cyst”. Meaning that it started with your ovaries’ normal function during your menstrual cycle…and got a little overzealous.

There are two kinds of functional ovarian cysts. Both are hormone related.

A follicular cyst forms around the middle of your menstrual cycle…as your brain triggers the production of luteinizing hormones which cause the follicle to release the egg it is holding. If the follicle doesn’t let go of the egg, it may continue growing and turn into a cyst. Typically this cyst is both harmless and painless. It will simply disappear over the course of a few menstrual cycles.

A corpus luteum cyst comes about when the luteinizing hormone signals the follicle to release the egg, and it does… by rupturing. The hole the egg punched through seals and begins to accumulate fluid…which turns the corpus luteum into a cyst. Although these two causes of ovarian cysts are similar, and can occur at the same time, the cysts themselves can cause vastly different symptoms.

The corpus luteum cyst typically disappears on its own within a couple of weeks. But then again, it may also grow to almost four inches in diameter, and can bleed into itself or cause the entire ovary to twist. If this nasty cyst fills with blood, it may rupture and cause internal bleeding…and a lot of pain, too.

A fertility drug composed of clomiphene citrate can cause this type of ovarian cyst. And while ovulation plays a major role their formation, corpus luteum cysts will usually not interfere with pregnancy.

Complex ovarian cysts are a more dangerous form of ovarian cyst. They are called complex because they are composed of both solids and liquids. Fortunately, their occurrence is quite rare.

While we know a great deal about the ways in which ovarian cysts form, the causes of these cysts are generally shrouded in mystery. Professionals have as many opinions on this topic as they do on everything else – some believe it comes down to a woman’s overall health, some believe it is more to do with her weight or personal health history, some say it is all about her lifestyle and/or diet.

Some say that stress and anxiety can contribute to the development of ovarian cysts. So perhaps stress reduction and ovarian cyst prevention go hand in hand.

Could a healthy lifestyle prevent ovarian cysts from being an issue? Certainly, a growing number of health care professionals recommend natural methods to cure and prevent ovarian cysts.

Most cysts are asymptomatic…which means they cause no noticeable symptoms. Any reason to prevent ovarian cysts of this nature? Not unless they become problematic.

And unfortunately, ovarian cysts can cause swelling, bleeding, sharp pains, and general aches. The intensity and duration of a woman’s pain will vary greatly between women. Some women feel constipated, have trouble urinating, have irregular menstruation or even missed periods, or feel pressure in the lower abdomen.

There are more serious conditions that can produce symptoms similar to that of ovarian cysts. Be sure to consult your doctor if you experience unusual or severe pain, or irregular menstrual cycles.

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Dr. Jimi Odejinmi is an Ovarian Cyst Specialist from Whipp’s Cross University Hospital in the UK. In this video, Dr. Odejinmi talks about symptoms and surgical treatment for ovarian cysts.

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