Ovarian Cyst Pain

ovarian cyst pain_picMany women develop ovarian cysts, and most of the time their cysts are asymptomatic. In some cases, however, the patient may experience ovarian cyst pain.

Ovarian cysts are fluid filled sacs in or on the ovaries. The pain related to the presence of an ovarian cyst often occurs in the area of the abdomen or pelvis. Several factors account for the pain ovarian cysts cause.

Examples of Ovarian Cyst Pain

That time of the month

Some women experience painful cramps during their monthly periods. This is referred to as dysmennorhea. When cramps occur because of ovarian cysts, pain may be experienced at any time in the menstrual cycle…not just during menstruation.

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If you have “functional” cysts, the menstrual pain is often caused by the cyst reacting to increased levels of hormones in the blood.

Another reason for pain during the menstrual period is a condition called endometriosis. This leads to what are known as endometrial cysts, or the development of uterine tissue outside the uterrus…often times on the ovaries.  Prostaglandins produced by the endometrial tissue causes uterine contractions and produces a cramp-like ovarian cyst pain.

Menstrual cramping as a result of ovarian cysts varies from patient to patient. Some women with endometrial cysts don’t experience pain at all, while others are debilitated by it.

Bedroom bummer

For some women with endometrial cysts, having sex can be uncomfortable, if not prohibitive. Ovarian cyst pain during sex can happen when the thrusting motion of the penis causes irritation to one or more of the endometrial cysts.

Sex can also become a problem when an ovarian cyst ruptures. This applies not only to endometrial cysts, but also other types of ovarian cysts, including follicular cysts.

Twist and shout

Ovarian cyst pain can occur when the cyst twists the ovary, occluding or closing off the blood vessels and cutting blood circulation. This is also referred to as ovarian torsion. Symptoms include acute pain, the intensity of which can make you feel sick and nauseous.

Bathroom blues

A trip to the bathroom can cause apprehension for women who have ovarian cysts. The cyst may be pushing against the bladder hard enough to be painful. The pain ovarian cysts cause just keeps on giving!

It can get worse before it gets better

A cyst may develop into a painful bleeding ovarian cyst as a result of sexual intercourse or physical exercise.

Ovarian cysts pain can also be a result of a cyst that has ruptured.  Acute pain can suddenly occur, mainly because the fluid that drains out of the cyst irritates the pelvic lining. This is why the pain is usually located in the lower part of the stomach and pelvis. Hopefully the ovarian cyst pain will subside once the ruptured cyst stabilizes.

Ovarian cyst pain is not experienced by all women with ovarian cysts. The lucky ones feel no pain at all. If you are one of the unlucky ones and experience acute stomach pain, it is always a good call to consult your doctor.

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