Endometriosis Cure

Endometriosis Cure – Alternative Options

Alternative endometriosis remedies offer excellent results in treating this disorder in many females.  More and more women are coming forward, sharing success stories about how natural therapies have partially or completely cured their endometriosis. Plenty of information about endometriosis and pregnancy is available online.

Alternative vs. Conventional Medication

The majority of topnotch alternative medicine techniques are founded on six central principles that are different from those of conventional medicine.  These are:

-The healing force of nature comes first; techniques and technology follow.

-Focus is on the patient, not the physician.

-Do no harm.  Most alternative medicine follows the principle, “Always apply the least harsh, least harmful therapies first.”  Generally, unconventional medical providers use therapies that are non-invasive and cause no harmful side effects.

-Results may take longer to manifest, but the benefits are long term and not just a quick fix.

-Only natural substances are used.

-Provide a higher standard of holistic health.

Alternative Options Turning Mainstream

Many Westerners are now resorting to alternative medicine to improve their health.  Here’s why alternative methods have become popular:

-Many realize that, as opposed to previous beliefs, modern medical practices (e.g., surgical approaches and the use of antibiotics, chemotherapy, etc.) cannot cure all health problems of society.

-More and more people believe that health is not just “the absence of disease” and covers more than the physical body.

-There is an increasing amount of scientific research and a growing public awareness about the advantages of alternative medical solutions.

– Alternative methods can be more economical, more effective and safer than conventional treatments.

Alternative Therapies Available

Alternative treatments have one aim: to help the body heal itself.  Homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy and herbalism are all-natural treatments that appear to offer the best results for endometriosis relief.


Acupuncture facilitates the flow of energy throughout the body, thus regulating the body’s systems.  For more details, please read this article on Acupuncture for Fertility.


Homeopathy relies on the administration of small doses of all-natural substances (plant, mineral, animal) that in large amounts would create symptoms in healthy people similar to those of the illness itself. These minute amounts do not cause adverse effects.   Homeopathy stimulates the body’s natural defenses, thereby correcting ailments and causing symptoms to dissipate.

To get a good, clear picture of the patient, a homeopath will ask a lot of questions.  In homeopathy, no two programs for endometriosis are the same simply because no two females are the same.  While common factors among women with endometriosis exist, homeopathy treatment is particular to each female’s reaction to endometriosis and other factors that have triggered the development of the disorder.


Herbal treatments use medicinal plants to improve a patient’s internal and external health. It relies on plants’ therapeutic qualities which enhance the body’s recuperative abilities.  Herbalism combines the use of herbs and modern scientific developments.

While some orthodox medical practitioners ignore herbal medication, the constituents of this holistic practice have set the blueprint for a lot of the most popular and effective drugs today. Today’s convention medicine began with herbal therapies.

Herbal medicine primarily tries to normalize the body’s hormone levels to treat endometriosis. To boost the immune system and let the body start eliminating the disease, other herbs are then introduced.  Herbal treatments for endometriosis, just like other alternative methods, require long term commitment to achieve desired effects.


Naturopathy or “natural medicine,” which started in the 19th century, is founded on the belief that the body can heal itself. Naturopaths, who believe that the body’s natural condition is an equilibrium that can be altered by unhealthy lifestyle habits, look for the causes rather than simply treating symptoms.

Naturopathy combines non-invasive therapies and proper diet to awaken the healing process.  It is practiced all over Western societies and several of its principles are followed by conventional medicine.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to the treatment of endometriosis focusing on many aspects of a woman’s life. The naturopathic endometriosis program considers lifestyle, dieting, cleansing, hormone balancing herbs and herbs used as applied externally to remove toxins in the abdomen and relieve pain.  Light exercise programs can also be included.

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