Cure Ovarian Cysts

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It is common for a woman of child bearing age to develop cysts on the ovaries. These are sacs of fluid which are mostly harmless. In many cases, the patient is not even aware that she has a cyst, and would not even need to think about how to cure ovarian cysts. There are instances, however, where complications may develop…and ovarian cyst pain is certainly one of those complications.

Options to Cure Ovarian Cysts

Technically, it is not possible to cure ovarian cysts because there is no scientific certainty as to what causes ovarian cysts. But let’s not get caught up in technicalities. Usually, when we speak about how to cure ovarian cysts, we are actually referring to managing or eliminating the cysts.

Passive alertness

Asymptomatic ovarian cysts are often discovered through the ultrasound part of a woman’s regular pelvic examination. In these situations, the doctor will advise the patient what symptoms to be alert for and to “wait and see” if the cysts go away on their own. The ultrasound will also show any abnormalities that may require immediate treatment.

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Regular ultrasounds will be used to monitor the cyst, especially if the patient has achieved menopause. Your doctor will be checking specifically for changes in size and composition. Ovarian cysts that are mostly fluid are normally unproblematic as they usually disappear spontaneously. Obviously, there is no need for an ovarian cyst cure in these situations

However, ovarian cysts may interfere with the circulation of blood within the ovaries and cause other internal issues. Cysts can also become malignant.

Alternative remedies

The lack of an established method to cure ovarian cysts has caused some women to seek non-Western forms of therapy to either replace or supplement traditional treatment methods. These include:

  • Use of herbal preparations
  • Changes in diet
  • Intake of high antioxidant dietary supplements
  • Homeopathy

There is no assurance that alternative treatments cure ovarian cysts any better than Western medical therapies. However, many women have found these non-traditional ovarian cysts cures to be effective. In some cases, patients have confirmed their cysts disappeared altogether.

Western medicine

For women who decide to stick to Western medicine in their quest to cure ovarian cysts, many factors have to be considered. Among the most important are the patient’s age and overall health, the location and type of the cyst, and the intention to procreate post-treatment. ( i.e. have children 🙂 )

Birth control pills

Development of ovarian cysts is usually connected to a woman’s menstrual cycle. This is the reason why doctors often prescribe birth control pills for women with ovarian cysts. It is not intended to cure ovarian cysts that are already present, but it will inhibit the growth of new cysts and reduce the risk of cancer. The pill can also help ease symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) by lowering the production of male hormones.


In some cases, ovarian cyst cure by surgery may be the best option. Laparoscopy is usually the surgery of choice. Small holes are introduced into the affected ovary to drain the hormone-laden fluids that may have collected. This helps to manage the menstrual flow and help women who want to have children to ovulate. Like birth control pills, the procedure also inhibits production of male hormones for those with PCOS.

Surgery may also be indicated to cure ovarian cysts of women who develop large or abnormal cysts. The doctor may opt to remove the cyst through a cystectomy or in some cases the affected ovary through an oophorectomy. These procedures do not directly inhibit fertility, which may be important for a woman hoping to have children. In extreme cases where the cyst is malignant, a hysterectomy may be indicated.

Medical research is underway to find an effective means to cure ovarian cysts. In the meantime, the ovarian cyst treatments available do provide some benefit including relief from ovarian pain.

Consult with your physician for the best option for you, especially if you develop multiple cysts.

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